Conscious Community Bulletin - Tampines House

Tampines House Environmental & Sustainability Committee If you would like to sign up for TH E&S Committee please sign up HERE. I will contact you on Monday so we can organise a meeting time each week. Tasks include: - Deciding upon and implementing Tampines House environmental initiatives - Organising events and trips to raise environmental awareness - Managing Tampines House recycling & composting - Initiating the Alfresco Garden Contact Ellie for further info.
Boomerang Bags To help you on your no single-use plastic journey, these are available to use in the lobby here:

There is now a sign out form on the stand, so please sign them out and return them.
Compost bins We have 2 small white compost bins - 1 in the lobby, and 1 on the 14th floor, here:

These are for throwing fruit & veg scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, but no bread/cakes/meat/plastic (see poster). These will be emptied every Monday in the UWCSEA Compost Centre by willing volunteers - if you would like to be…

The Year of Green @TampinesHouse

Another new year has just begun. We have completed the 2019 orientation programme (well done Chris!), met with new parents and students, planned our lessons for the coming weeks and have ensured that the practicalities of running a boarding house are all complete, ready for the new academic year. These are not inconsiderable challenges and have been many months in planning, yet they pale in significance when pitted against our main goal for this year: 

Goal 13 of the sustainable development goals calls for climate action. Between 1998-2017 climate related disasters claimed nearly 1.3 million lives. Greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise, crop yields are decreasing and concerns are also being raised regarding the emergence of climate refugees due to floods and extreme weather patterns. Our current 2-4 degree trajectory of global warming is simply too high. 
As members of the UWC family, committed to our mission to achieve a sustainable future, we are aiming to educate, advocate and ens…

Tembusu End of the Year Podcast

It's the end of the year! Here are some thoughts and experiences from some members of the Tampines house community. Have a great holiday and happy listening.

Alarms by Daniel Ofori

It’s the 1st of June, the alarm goes off. Resuscitated by the sound he hates the most, He drags Himself closer, reaches out to it and hits the dismiss button with all his strength, fuelled by rage towards a sound he deliberately brought to life hours ago. Never have I met anyone addicted to being still; lifeless for the limited amount of time he has on this earth. As he throws himself carelessly onto the very thing that never ceased to embrace the flaws he conceals from the world, minutes felt like years once more. He starts to see flickers, flickers of existence that draws him out of the abyss into life once again. This time he has not much to blame, and just before he yawns out every last breath of incapacitation, the stench of fear has infiltrated his lungs,His heart pounds faster and louder. Poor soul, the only world he knew began hours ago; he was an hour and “just” 15 minutes late for school. With less time to put on the mask he has sculptured for himself ,and conceal all that his crit…

Graduation Day!

Two years of hard work; 6 subjects, a range of co-curriculars, project weeks, SEASACS, EE's, IA's, MC's, Hawkers, Orchard, Din Tai Fung, Communi-Tea, Friendships, Enemies, Frog Porridge, Beach Clean-ups, Dragonboats and finally... Graduation! 

What a fantastic day, a special ceremony and one that I hope all of you thoroughly enjoyed. In case you missed it, you can catch up on all the best bits HERE. Graduation day is always a special time for me, it is a chance to meet families and find out a little bit more about the places you all come from. It is a chance for us to show our gratitude to those students in our community that have gone above and beyond, but most importantly, it is our chance to say GOODBYE and GOOD LUCK for your next adventure.  Below are a selection of my favourite memories from the day:

As is common with all great days, you need a group of people willing to sacrifice their own time for the benefit of others. Thank you once again to all of our Tampines Ho…

A Day in the Life of 'Ivan OnScreenovich' by Herbert Lohmus